Assessing women's economic well-being in the state of Mississippi


The Mississippi Semester is a semester-long course at Barnard College under the direction of Associate Professor of History Premilla Nadasen. Composed of juniors and seniors, the course welcomes eight students to learn more about the history of welfare in the state of Mississippi.

As a class, we will spend this semester working in partnership with the Mississippi Low-Income Child Care Initiative to develop an index to help assess the economic well-being of women across the state of Mississippi.

In the process, we will be sharing parts of our learning experience on this website including research, opinion pieces, and reflections. This website will eventually include our completed index as well as written entries and photo series detailing our class trip to Mississippi.

To learn more about individual members, please visit meet our class.

To read an article about our class trip to Mississippi, visit Barnard’s website.

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